Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Birthday Party

Maya had a birthday party on her birthday at Grandma Paula and Grandpa Jeff's. She got to eat supper with Great Grandma and Grandpa Elsie and Jim and Grandma. She was too excited (and sleepy, she had had an early nap that day) to eat much.She got to play with her buddy Wylie who, as usual, let her torture him as the photo shows. She'd yell,"Kitty Cat!" and chase after him. And pull his hair enough to lift him off the ground. Did he freak out? No. He is the most baby proof cat ever. Then she sat on him. He ran away.

Once again, she wasn't interested in presents (except the clothes which she tried to put on..oh, and the shoes!!) and didn't try to open them. She did try a little cake and smiled really big when she ate it. What she was in to, was walking and walking and walking.

She is getting so big. Today she said, "Up." Tomorrow, brontosaurus.

This afternoon she goes and has to see the pokey ladies for her 12 month well baby check up. Wish her luck induring the dreaded pokey's.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today is Maya's birthday. One year ago today, the best thing in the world happened. A little girl came into my life, turned it upside down, and now makes my heart skip everytime she sticks her toes in my face for me to tickle. I fall to pieces when I see her up in the window pounding on the glass, smiling, and waving at me when I come home from work. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.
Here are a few pictures from her party in Ames. Grandma Jo, Auntie B and Uncle Jason, Uncle Jered, Aunt Shauna and cousin Max, Grandpa Greg, Cousin Nika, Great Grandpa Roy, The Pregitzer's, and other friends all stopped by to watch Maya try cakie for the first time.
She just wanted to eat her apple and was not interested in eating cakie.
This is as interested in cakie as she got.

Later she played in the pool for the first time! She loved it, and she loved having Max and Nika (and Lucy) there to enjoy the water with. She also loooovvveeddd Grandma Jo's kitties Pete and Poirot. She loves them kitties.
It was a great weekend, she played really hard and slept really hard!

Now, she misses her Grammy. I showed her pictures and she snuggled up to me and smiled.

Happy Birthday punkin'!! We love you!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost One!

Maya is six days away from turning one. Where did the year go?? I watch her sleep in my arms and I can't even remember her being a teeny tiny. It goes so fast!
Right now Maya is all about "getting dressed." But her version of getting dressed is wrapping things around her neck. Scarves, belts, playstation controls, she'll even try to get shoes on there. She's accessorizing I guess. In five minutes this morning she had a scarf, a belt, a measuring tape and then an attempt at a shoe- all around the neck.
She's also all about walking!! (five steps and then plop!) And talking!! Her list is growing: "momma, dadda (her favorite word), bye bye, ball (she'll even point to them in books and say "ball"), wheeeee!!, uh oh, whoa, bubble, kids (she'll say "hi kids" ), noooooooo, kitty, and dat?"

Blowing kisses!! "mmmmmmmmoihhh!" And another toothie! And eating with her left hand only??!! A leftie perhaps??

She still loves berries (gobbles them up!), veggies (nummy nummy), Nina and Star on "The Goodnight Show" on Sprout, and carrying around socks. From all the other eleven month olds I've run across she seems to be way taller. And she has huge feet. Where she got this tall/huge feet gene, I do not know.

But, damn. She's cute. And silly. And a firecracker.

This weekend we go to Ames to celebrate her birthday and she'll have another party at Grammy Paula's and Grandpa Jeff's on Tuesday!

Until next week when she is one!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Maya now hates doctors. She's fine in the waiting room with the kids and the Finding Nemo playing on the tv. But once she gets in that examination room she starts crying. And if you've got a white coat, a stethoscope, or a nursing degree you bring the tears and not the smiles.

Tomorrow she has to go in and have some completely unnecessary procedure done to make sure her kidneys are okay and that she has no problems in that area. Why? Because she had a UTI and she's too little to have a UTI. So they want to be sure she's okay. She is. So she has to go in and get sedated and blah, blah, blah, blah, nervous mommy, sad baby blah.

It sucks. I feel bad for her because she has no idea what's going on. And it further reinforces my dislike and distrust of doctors. We'll go in, have this test done, get charged a lot of money, and she'll be fine.

But here are some happy photos of her. And some news.
She loves shoes (thank god),

animals (here she is meeting piggies at Bever Park's little zoo) and she says bye bye, bubble, up, and ah oh.
She loves to eat broccoli, blueberries, mixed veggies,..well, she loves fruits and vegetables. She just loves em.

And tonight she took steps. Real steps!! So cute!! Pretty soon she'll be Walken.

Almost ONE!!!!