Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ames Visit

Going after Trek under the table.

Playing peek a boo with the table cloth at the tea room.

A fake deer head?

Sleeping on Grandpa Greg

This last weekend we went to Ames to visit Grandparents. There wasn't enough time! On Saturday we had a "Girl's Day Out", we went and got hair cuts and such, picked up Maya and went to Ivy's Tea Room for lunch and some shopping, and then went to the mall for some "shopping and strolling." Maya did the strolling, we did the shopping. Maya was pooped out but still decided to skip her usual long afternoon nap because there was just too much to see.

On Sunday we went over to Grandpa Greg's and Peggy's for lunch. Maya enjoyed eating mashed potatoes and yummy corn bread. She then enjoyed Uncle Jason waving his arms and being silly with her. After all that, she slept...on Grandpa.

Then on Sunday night Adriana and her girls came over for the Oscar's (our second year to do this together with them), Banana made an armadillo cake and we ate it up! Maya played on the floor and marvelled at the big girls sitting next to her.

Things she's learned in the last week! Crawling off her tummy, not an army crawl (At Grandma Jo's), walking along the couch (at Grandpa Greg's), and pulling herself up to the couch (at home with mommy and daddy). She is also really into mimmicking (brushing her hair and teeth like mommy and daddy, laughing like mommy) and loves loves loves to laugh.

And spaghetti!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Face

A friend recently suggested that I submit a photo of Maya to the Regis and Kelly Most Beautiful Baby Contest. Maya could win a lot of scholarship money, or baby food. Both of which she'd hopefully eventually use in the unlikely case that she'd win (I'd have to pay like 12,000 dollars in taxes-gulp).

I was trying to take some new photos of her to see if any were "contest" beautiful, and in typical Maya fashion she started with "the faces". This face made me laugh so hard that she started with her new favorite face.

Within the last week she's started this one.

It's her, "I'm copying you when you laugh at me" face. This is what Maya thinks we look like when we laugh at her. She makes this face and breathes in and out of her nose really fast(pretending to laugh). It is hilarious.

"Funny Baby" contest winner, hands down.

Oh and I forgot! She started crawling on January 31st, and that is also funny. It's this cute little army crawl that makes us laugh. One day she just started doing it. It was because she wanted my scissors. And she was so fast, she almost got them.