Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Geese, Appie Sauce, and Mustacheo Basheos?

The Mustacheo Basheo has finally come and gone. It was a little stressful for Maya who doesn't do well when over stimulated, but she did sit and talk people's ears off once a majority of the party patrons had left.

She loves to talk, especially in conversations. If you are talking to someone, she has to interject..and she just goes on and on. She has also learned how to push off one sock, and bounce herself in her chair. She has been really fussy this week leading us to believe that teeth may be sprouting soon. (Here she is riding the mustacheo pinata! Viva La Mustacheo Revolution!!) Speaking of sprouting and hair, it's starting to look like she's growing some. On her head of course. That's a fake mustache.

I also have included a picture of her eating cereal mixed in appie sauce which, of course, she loves so much she tries to feed herself!

And last, a picture from the park last week when the geese were big enough to eat her. Whole.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Week Part 2

We've been quite busy so I'll probably have to post two blogs just to get a variety of pictures up!!

Here is Maya trying rice cereal for the first time!

She didn't really like it.

Here she is at the house with Max and Uncle Jered.

And at the park meeting geese..I'll add more pictures later!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Extra Pictures!!

Visting Ames

Last weekend we went to Ames to visit Grandma Jo who pulled a Grandma Jo and fell down the basement stairs breaking her collar bone. But being Grandma Jo she's already back to work and walking 2 Miles! We also got to see Brynna and Jason, Nika and Grandpa Greg! Maya was awesome in the car, she's getting to be a better traveller, with lots of patience.

Maya has laughed a few times, but I guess I really missed out on her rolling laughter at Uncle Jason. I've beeb trying to get her to do it again, but no luck yet.

Besides talking a lot and laughing a little, Maya has also become super duper interested in food. She stares at us and gets excited when we eat, so we make yummy noises and sign "food, we're eating food" and keep telling her that the next time we go to the store we promise to get her some rice cereal.

Tonight we're going to a birthday party and on Saturday is Momma's 30th Birthday! So Maya will be attending a Moustacheo Basheo. Those pictures will be awesome.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Cold

Maya has her first cold. It's a little heart breaking to listen to a baby try and cry with a hoarse little voice. And to wake up so sniffly she can't breathe and suck on her pacie at the same time. When she's not tired, she seems to be okay with it. Poor Punkin!

This baby is a water baby. She LOVES taking bubbles, and would probably spend all day in the bath if we let her. She likes to turn her head to the side and drink the water, no matter what mommy and daddy say about it being icky water. "Maya don't drink your bubble probably peed in it."
Sometimes I like to run the sink and let her put her piggies in the water. She likes to splash her pigs in and out of the water.

Her other favorite activity is kicking. She likes to sit in her bouncy chair with a big pillow at her feet and kick it over and over. She's "making muffins" with her feet on the pillow. She would probably kick all day too, but she gets tired and needs breaks from her Rocky style workouts.

And she had her first big laugh. Of course it happened while Mommy was at work, but Daddy said he was blowing on her tummy and she thought it was the funniest thing in the world. So now I've been spending my free time trying to duplicate that moment so I can see her big laugh.