Tuesday, September 28, 2010

playing catch up, with ketchup

Sorry I've been a bad poster for the Maya updates. The past few months have flown in some ways (new house, never a moment to myself, extremely hot, etc), and dragged in others (still pregnant, extremely hot, did I mention being pregnant? The second time you want it over two months into it...)

Here are a few highlights that I haven't shown from Maya's summer. Hopefully, I'll do better keeping up with this now that our upstairs isn't 100+ degrees.

First we have Maya in the morning sunlight on one of our first mornings in the new house. She's was my little ragamuffin all summer long. Mommy cut her hair a couple of weeks ago.

Next is Maya enjoying "farklers." Since it was a rainy Fourth of July, and Maya is scared of loud noises (loves music, cries if it's too loud) we just lit "farklers" on the porch. Good enough for her.

At the end of July we went to Vail for the family reunion, we spent the whole time chasing our kids so these are the only photos I got!!
I wanted a better picture of the three little girls playing, but Ella never stops moving. I think when she stops you are so suddenly blinded by her cuteness, so it's better if she keeps moving.

Last, are some pictures from when Chris and Kim and Nika came to Ames for a week and Maya got to spend time with her oldest cousin..whom she called Maisie until we left.

A month later she stills talks about that last day when she "boogie, boogie'd" with Nika. Oh, and now she's obsessed with Scoobie Doo because of Nika as well.