Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Little Valentine

For Valentine's Day weekend Maya and I went to Grandma Jo's and Maya loved it. Since we got back everytime we leave the house its, "Okay, Goin' to Grandma's." She totally loves her Grandma's.

While in Ames we did some local shopping (Pumpkin Patch and Puddle Jumpers!) and the best part was getting to see Nika. Maya loved seeing her. She loved it so much she called her Maisie the whole time. That means she's star struck if she calls you Maisie. She also had fun playing with Poirot. Because of this she has a very loud, long squeal that she does whenever she sees kitties. Did I say squeal, cause I meant scream, like when you see Ringo Starr (circa 1965) Grandma Paula's kitty Peaches who is...a big girl kitty, did not like this. It was a lot of excercise for her to get away over and over. Maya loves the kitties like Tiger loves the ladies.