Tuesday, April 28, 2009


These photos are from last Tuesday when we went to Siamville with Jered, Shauna, and Max for Brynna's birthday. I wasn't quite prepared for the cute nose kisses between Max and Maya so sorry that's blurry! Last Friday I got sick and I'm still in the land of serious cold so I haven't been taking any photos. But in Maya news she's starting to test us with tantrums which is loads of fun. If we put our drinking glasses where she can't reach them, she cries for them. If I hand her her sippy cup instead of my glass, she throws in on the floor. She cries when we say "No standing in the tubby." She's a firecracker.

She won't say "Bah Bah" when you ask her ("Bye, Bye"), but she'll yell it once you leave. "BAH BAH!!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Max's 4th Birthday!!

Over the weekend we went to Ames for Max's 4th Birthday party which was at his Grandma and Grandpa Pregitzer's.
We watched Max open presents (yeah!!).

We watched Max blow out his candles (woohoo!!).

We watched Max zone out on frosting (so funny!).
And. we watched Jered blow a bigillion bubbles while Max took his bat to most of them (fabulous).
Grandpa Greg helped Maya pop a couple. Her first bubbles!!

It was a great day to celebrate a wonderful guy whom Maya absolutely adores.

We also spent time at Grandma Jo's and had fun playing with her kitchen set with Max, and going up and down Grandpa Greg's two little stairs at his house.

Maya played so much she slept the whole way home!

Maya recognizes the names "Pete" and "Max" and will try to say them when she sees them.

This morning she's trying "Ah Oh". It's like this "Ah, ah, ah."

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had Easter at Brynna's new house on Saturday and Maya had a great time watching Max run around. She thinks he's the bees knees. So do I so it's only fitting. Max was so excited to find eggs in Aunt B's yard that most of my pictures were only half of him as he ran around the yard finding eggs. Maya's favorite part was pulling her socks off and feeling grass for the first time.
Max said, "Take a picture of my face." This is it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Months and Then Some

We have been busy with a cranky baby. First it was a nasty cold which she got from Momma. Then it was something else. "Why aren't you sleeping baby? Why aren't you happy? Why are you screaming your head off even when we hold you?" Oh, you have a new toothie that's why!

Then two days later she had a total of four new toothies. She popped out three in one night. She's still working on pushing them out, so she's still mildly cranky. Her new thing is that she's totally not interested in baby food. She just won't eat it. Good news is she likes chili (just beans and tomatoes). And she tried a pickle. Her face read, "Hmmm, it's weird but I like it."

Her new words are "duck," "bye bye," and "book." She also likes to just yell "whaaatt?" for no reason. At least, that's what we think she's saying. She loves being tickled ("tickle tickle" she'll try to say) and also to have her toes eaten. If I say, "Toes?" She'll pop them up for me to eat. She is a snuggler.

At the mall playground she loves to watch the big kids but seems to be afraid (Kyle said she cried when a seven month old started yelling) of baby's around her age. When I take her out and we see other kids in shopping carts she gives them shy little smirks, she also does this when strangers say "aren't you a pretty baby." The smirk is a Dieter trademark she must have learned from Max. At restaurants she jabbers away like she's in on the conversations going on in the entire room.

She has taken to letting go of things while standing and just stands there for a few seconds, and then slowly sits down. So she's a little closer to walking.