Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boo Hiss

Our PC died and many photos were not backed up yet..so we'll be rescuing them when we have a chance to take the PC to the vet. In the meantime, I need to go find a compact flash adapter that works with Kyle's laptop so that I can upload photos onto it.

Just imagine that Rowie is incredibly adorable and fat. Because he really and truelly is, incredibly adorable and fat. He loves to watch Maya and coos at her constantly. He's fallen in love with his daddy too. He's very strong and likes to sit in his bumpo (already??) on the counter while we make supper. He still doesn't like to sleep....

Maya is all about Princesses. Recently she came up to Kyle with one of her Gabba's and asked who it was. She had forgotten, so we had to pull out a Gabba Gabba DVD and remind her. She liked that a lot. Princesses, Scooby Doo, Dorothy, and Alice. She can't wait until spring...the swings!! The swings!!

In the meantime, she cuddles Rowie, explores the attic, and occasionally when the temperature is right, goes outside with Momma. This last weekend she went to "the big mall" with Momma and B to ride the carousel and play with Sully on the playground. It was good to get her out and about.

If I can't find an adapter soon, I'll have Kyle upload a video or two!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Shortly before New Year's, Maya finally got to go out in the snow. The temperature was perfect for her to dive right in and work on perfecting her snow angel. "Do you love it momma? Do you love my angels?" Thank you Ruby from "Max and Ruby" for teaching Maya all about snow angels.

Here you also see a picture of Maya tentatively hugging Max while he's playing video games. New Year's Eve was low key at our house. I tried to take Maya swimming but Bender Pool had misadvertised that they were going to be open!! They made my baby cry!! So, we went and bought her this fabulous pink tutu swimsuit.

This is my baby that doesn't sleep. Just like his uncle Chris. He likes to eat his hands, coo and sorta laugh, smile at Maya, and be adorable.

Swimming two days later...