Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last Saturday we decided to go for a quick hike to the outlook at Palisades Kepler State Park which is a short ride down the road from us.

Maya, being a whole lot like her Momma, enjoys being outside and marvels at the trees and the pretty leaves.

Here we are looking out at the sun setting behind the Cedar River.

But as the sun goes down, maya's nose and toes get colder, and her pumpkin hat that Grandma Jo made can only keep her head warm...

back in the toasty warm car, it's not long before she's asleep.
"All that walking that momma and poppa did made me tired."

Monday, October 13, 2008


Maya had an interesting week. We found out that although she loves loves loves sweetie potatoes (as the picture shows) squash makes her barf in public(picture not shown). She also loves loves loves bananas and makes yummy noises while eating them.

We went to an apple orchard and she madly sucked on an apple (picture shown, and cried when we took it away (picture not shown).

But her biggest success of the week,besides perfecting rolling over and trying to scoot, was finally getting to taste her own toesy. Yeah!! Piggies in the mouth!!
That's pretty much her favorite thing, holding her toes, eating her toes, and grabbing them once the socks come off.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four Month Well Baby Check Up

Last Monday Maya had her four month well baby check up, a week or so late but that didn't matter. She is 25 and 3 quarters inches long (92%), 14 pounds and 2 ounces (55%), and her noggin is 41.5 cm (60%). She handled getting shots a lot better this time around, but had a really rough week AFTER the shots. She slept off a fever and was fussy for a few days.

(This is a picture of her lounging in the bath last week). On Friday she felt a lot better, and so we thought it would be okay to take her over to her Grandma Paula's while we went to a movie. But this did not sit well with Maya who hasn't been around a lot of people in the last couple of weeks. She cried for two and a half hours, didn't sleep or eat until Mommy, but especially Daddy, came back. Then she was laughing and smiling at Grandma's new kitty Wylie. For a Gemini she sure acts like a Taurus!

In the food department she has tried and disliked peas but yesterday she really loved sweet potatoes! She has been exploring her voice and trying to talk in different ways (or she's copying the silliness of Mommy and Daddy), she's laughing at everything, rolling over a lot, and she's really digging laying on the floor holding onto her toes. Oh, and last night she slept for eight hours straight!!

I'll make sure to take more photos this week!