Monday, March 16, 2009


Lately Maya is loving standing up, following momma around the house, eating blueberries, talking to the kitties in her books, copying Max's laugh when he came over to play, going to the park to swing and watch kids, helping momma fold laundry, and sleeping in her crib.

Maya decided that the ducks at the park didn't need bread.

She doesn't understand what the fuss is about slides. "This is dull Momma, take me back to where I can see kids."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nine Months!

On Monday Maya went to her nine months check up with Daddy. At nine months (I can't believe it!) she is 28 and a quarter inches tall (75%), 19 pounds and 10 oz (65%), and her noggin' is 46 cm (94%) As you can see from the above photo she has become very interested in the world around her. Cupboards especially, she uses her little fingers to open them and then pulls out all the pots and pans so she can sit in the cupboard. We play "Where's Maya?" and close and open the door saying "There's Maya!!) She likes that game. So at the moment all of our pots and lids are lying on the kitchen floor. She also loves standing up, she pulls herself to standing all the time and likes walking around (more like jumperooing/bouncing as she takes steps) with Daddy.

In this picture Maya is "lounging" with Momma on the floor. She spends lots of time looking at her books (which are covering our living room floor) and talking to the babies and animals in them. She is also crawling off her tummy and is so fast we have a hard time keeping up with her. With the standing and the crawling, and the trying to stand up from sitting we're expecting her to be walking by her birthday.

Thankfully (for Momma and Dadda) Maya is sleeping much better and able to fall back asleep without assistance from us- most of the time. We only have to get up and feed her once (sometimes twice) after midnight. (Maya is a gremlin and so we have to feed her after midnight or she'll take over the mall.)

So much has changed and happened in the last two weeks for her! She even likes playing with Uncle Jason now!!

She also will wave bye bye and occasionally say "Baaaaaa" to Momma when she goes back to work after lunch. And Momma still gets those "kisses" (more like puppy licks) when she asks for them..