Sunday, November 21, 2010

Return of the Dragon

At about midnight on October 25th, my water broke at home, at 1AM after making Kyle change the sheets and take out the garbage we went to the hospital..I was 8 centimeters dilated by the time they got their hands on me...but this delivery was different. It was easier and not nearly as exhausting (having slept the night before certainly helped this time), and the pushing was spaced apart (I had "couplet" contractions because Rowan was "sunny side up", so there would be a big contraction followed almost immediately by a smaller one instead of WHAM WHAM!! OUCH! OUCH!) so getting to 8 cm wasn't so bad. I still got the epidural though. And it was such a good epidural my left side was dead, completely dead until mid afternoon, almost twelve hours later. This was not a comfortable feeling.

After pushing for a while (I got to 10 cm and contractions stopped until I rolled on my side, this was not fun to push in.) The dude that was supposed to deliver was stuck at St. Luke's so...he called my wonderful doctor who showed up, did some magic ("can we lay her down more?" and "can we turn these lights off?") and told me he'd be out by 7:30. Our Rowie was born at 7:20. Rowie at ten minutes old!

Maya is in love, she's the most "goo goo gah gah, I love you" sister ever. But she's having trouble adjusting to not being the center of our world. We often hear, "Put the baby down!" or "Put Rowie in his bouncy chair!" And my person favorite, "Momma can hold the baby!"

Rowie, as we call him, makes the same Dragon noises Maya did, but he also grunts when he stretches and also when he's trying to poop in his sleep. This makes it hard for us to sleep. His grunts are so sweet. At first when he screamed he sounded like a little screaming eagle, now he sounds like a cat drowning. It is also so sweet.

There is more to tell, but he's a cranky little lad and prone to screaming at this time of night. Currently he weighs over ten pounds, he's my fat baby. Always wanted one of those (Thanksgiving's coming up...)