Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walk, Talk, Books

Talk, talk, talk, babble, babble, babble, walk, walk, walk. That's all this girl pretty much does. Oh, and she throws books in our laps and makes us read them. Sesame Street alphabet board books- 26 of the best free things I ever brought home from work. Oh and she's eating a ton, and points at her bottle when she wants one (and says "Meeeeeee"), and points to the tv when she wants to watch shows. That ones just not cool. Our girl's addicted to Sprout. But, I guess there are worse things. She can watch Sesame Street in the morning, and some of The Goodnight Show at night, but we've got to get her off this smack somehow.

We took her to the big pool at our apartment complex. She cried.

Ed Gorman likes to come into the bookstore and say, "I saw that your kid was in the paper again...armed robbery this time."

"Yeah, it's either that or she's stealing cars."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Begins

First time in the sand. The "flood buggies" were so bad this day that we didn't stay long at The Palisades.
Don't look, I gonna eat some clovers.

Lately, we've been spending almost everyday at the park. We'll, Maya and her Daddy have, and I'm usually working. She loves to climb on the equipment, spin the spinning things, and go down the slide. She also likes to pick up pine cones, go for walks, and try to eat things that are generally yucky..mmm, wood chips. The result of all this running around and playing is a baby that goes to sleep much earlier and sleeps fairly well. This makes mommy and daddy happy because it means more mommy and daddy time.

Maya is interested in other kids at the playground, but doesn't really interact with them (she likes to watch). Although she does enjoy chasing Max around and laughing when she sees him.

She still loves fruit, won't eat ice cream or cakey. But if you cut up grapes-that's the good stuff.

Man she's a talker now. "Up", "Wylie", "Shoes", "Hot" - these are just a few of the new ones. If we pour coffee, or if you open the stove she says "hot" in this cute whispery way that Max used to do when he was her age. They told us that she would know six words by 15 months. We looked at each other because she already knew six and now it's like ten or twelve.

I don't mean to brag, but she's getting an A- in AP English.

She also loves her new big girl car seat!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Pokey Ladies at 12 months

First time in a sand box.

Big girl swinging with Auntie B.
Jason and Maya playing in the grass.
Maya mid fall.

Maya had her twelve month well baby check and only had two pokey's and a finger poke from the pokey ladies. She did pretty good, although she still cries whenever anyone even touches her at the doctor's office. That's what they get for all the poking last month!! Stethoscopes be damned! She'll cry if you listen to her lungs!

Her noggin is in the 90th percentile, she weighs 21 pounds seven ounces which is 50th percentile, and she is 29 3/4 inches tall- 75th percentile. So she's still chuggin' along, although now that she's fully mobile, a bit faster.

She will not hold your hand to walk, she is a big girl and big girl's do it by themselves even if they fall down. And this freaks mommy and daddy out because she always wants to walk, even on concrete. She's getting used to walking in shoes and insists on wearing them around the a diaper with no pants.

Her new word is "go..go..go..go"