Friday, June 10, 2011

untitled ghost post

No idea how this originally posted itself. It seems our laptop has a funk going on. Not a stinky funk, just a "what the funk?"

You see, the laptop won't let you open anything unless you can use a "copy shortcut" sort of thing. And blogger is a booger and won't let me upload any pictures because of the laptops funk. It's annoyingly dumb. Kyle just shrugs and says "I dunno." And I keep trying and trying which is how the ghost post came about.

Just know that my babies are amazing and gorgeous. Rowie is our sweetie pie, trying to skip crawling (he tries to stand while in crawling position), getting a toofer (finally), and almost waves bye bye. He is a cuddle bug and his smile melts my heart. three. And cries constantly to try and get what she wants. She has fierce determination and doesn't seem to realize that it doesn't work. She's so flippin stubborn...I can't wait for thirteen. So stubborn that she won't sit on the potty, and her daddy isn't riding her on the issue hard enough when mommy's at work. GRRR!!

She sings "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,F,G,H,I,J,K,..ETC", she has a loop that skips R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z even though she knows them. She knows Tangled by heart and tells her daddy "talk like Flynn Rider" and then recites every single line perfectly. She loves Scooby Doo and Curious George ("Daddy, talk like Shaggy") and has new friends in the neighborhood. Savannah lives across the street and apparently, according to her, is Rowie's girlfriend. She's five and comes over to play a lot. Callie lives next door and is three, not as mature as Maya, but they hug and play outside.

Maya's three year well child appointment was of course fine. She's above average in height and just average in weight. She freaked out about the shot. That was not fun. Summer plans include: Dieter Family in Vail (finally one in Vail!!), and then in August we're going to make the long,and possibly horrible, trip to Nashville for Cody and Alicia's 10th wedding anniversary party. Two babies in the car for ten hours YEAAHHHH!! I think a 4 AM "wake up and go" call is in the works.

I will endeavor to make this laptop work and put some pictures on here!!

Until then.....


Monday, March 21, 2011

Shamelessly Adorable

Here are photos of the babies from January to present!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boo Hiss

Our PC died and many photos were not backed up we'll be rescuing them when we have a chance to take the PC to the vet. In the meantime, I need to go find a compact flash adapter that works with Kyle's laptop so that I can upload photos onto it.

Just imagine that Rowie is incredibly adorable and fat. Because he really and truelly is, incredibly adorable and fat. He loves to watch Maya and coos at her constantly. He's fallen in love with his daddy too. He's very strong and likes to sit in his bumpo (already??) on the counter while we make supper. He still doesn't like to sleep....

Maya is all about Princesses. Recently she came up to Kyle with one of her Gabba's and asked who it was. She had forgotten, so we had to pull out a Gabba Gabba DVD and remind her. She liked that a lot. Princesses, Scooby Doo, Dorothy, and Alice. She can't wait until spring...the swings!! The swings!!

In the meantime, she cuddles Rowie, explores the attic, and occasionally when the temperature is right, goes outside with Momma. This last weekend she went to "the big mall" with Momma and B to ride the carousel and play with Sully on the playground. It was good to get her out and about.

If I can't find an adapter soon, I'll have Kyle upload a video or two!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Shortly before New Year's, Maya finally got to go out in the snow. The temperature was perfect for her to dive right in and work on perfecting her snow angel. "Do you love it momma? Do you love my angels?" Thank you Ruby from "Max and Ruby" for teaching Maya all about snow angels.

Here you also see a picture of Maya tentatively hugging Max while he's playing video games. New Year's Eve was low key at our house. I tried to take Maya swimming but Bender Pool had misadvertised that they were going to be open!! They made my baby cry!! So, we went and bought her this fabulous pink tutu swimsuit.

This is my baby that doesn't sleep. Just like his uncle Chris. He likes to eat his hands, coo and sorta laugh, smile at Maya, and be adorable.

Swimming two days later...