Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter At Grandma Paula's

Maya had egg hunt number two at Grandma's and also bubble catching, and walking of her new doggie (muppet scraps). She seems to think the doggie should stay upright as she drags it behind her.

She had a great day, didn't sleep well from not eating anything but candy. But she slept really well the next night. Unfortunately she keeps asking when the Easter bunny is bringing more chocolates and lollies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Number One- B's House

Maya woke up bright and early on Easter morning and promptly ate candy. Then she ate some more candy. Then we got in the car and she ate a blue lolly. So, all the pictures you are about to see involve blue lips and a cracked out candied up baby. She pretty much didn't eat anything but candy all day (too excited, too riled up from chasing Max, too tired nooooo nappp!!!)

This sugared up little one isn't done yet. She takes a ten minute nap as we head over to Grandma Paula's and Grandpa Jeff's for another egg hunt...I'll post those tomorrow.