Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Maya has loved Christmas this year. She talked about it for a month. She's still talking about Santa. She loved her tree. It was "bootiful" as she says. Unfortunately she had a fever of 103 for three days during Christmas. Grandma Paula still let us come over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spent at home opening presents and having Christmas croissants.

(On Christmas Eve that sneaky Santa came and put the Christmas tree on the coffee table, and all the presents underneath. In the morning after a fitfull night of sleeping and doses of children's tylenol Maya awoke and looked out in the living room. "Christmas, Santa, around" she said. She loved it.

She got all the Gabba Gabba's and a Gabba dvd so that mommy and daddy no longer have to watch Halloween Gabba Gabba (Maya still sings it). She talks to her Gabba's. "Fufa, nananaundastuff?" Actually, I think she interrogates them because everything she says is a question to them. (At supper at Hot Harry's tonight she was talking to Cookie Monster he was standing behind me, I totally didn't see him there! I think he wanted her cookie.)

That afternoon we all took a three hour nap together. And then went back over to Grandma Paula's for the evening. Oh Man (Maya says that now...thanks Swiper) I still have to upload Christmas in Ames from the weekend before!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I keep writing "November" at work, I blame having been sick for two weeks with a sinus infection/cold/ear infection. It stole two weeks leaving me so close to Christmas I feel a little freaked out. AHHHH!

Now Maya and Dadda have the cold. I hopehopehope it stays just a cold, because next weekend we go to Ames for our family Christmas there.

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving. Maya sooo loved seeing her cousin Lili. They got along great and I wish they could see each other more often, unfortunately Nashville is a ten hour drive. Unfortunately I also didn't take any photos of them, just a lot of video.

She loves the Christmas tree! Maya and painting!! She demands painting, and then she demands bubble time. She climbs, she hangs, she digs in my plants. She's into being naughty. Naughty usually means she's bored, or tired. Or both. "Maya please stop taking ornaments off the tree." She picks one, throws it and then goes, "bablahblbhbhbhbhbbaaa" with her tongue. Silly, stubborn, smart and sassy.

And loud.

Just like her momma.

Only cuter.