Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day In The Morning, and Evening....

A lovely sight on Christmas Day, Maya loves her Rowie.
I was so busy helping Maya open presents Christmas Day while Kyle shot video, that I didn't get any This is what Santa left her the night before.
These are all pictures from Christmas at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. Maya opened "The Mystery Machine" and was done with presents. She literally refused to open anymore. Can you blame her? It's the freakin' Mystery Machine Man! Her princesses ride in it too.

A whole bunch o' candy face!!

Maya loved Great Grandma's Christmas displays of tiny little things..and she loves nativity sets. "Oh, here's the baby Jesus, let him in the barn." She let the cow, donkey, and sheep in first. And of course the wise men because they have beards like daddy.

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dieter Christmas

Before I get to Christmas, is this not the prettiest little boy ever? He's such a doll. This last weekend was the Dieter Family Christmas(es) in Ames. First a noon lunch and presents at Grandpa Greg's.

Followed by an evening soup and sandwich buffet at Grandma Jo's. The presents were past out before I could get a second photo. It was insane. This picture of Sully by the tree was the only clear shot I got off before the craziness started and my camera was set down for good.
In fact, it was so insane I have no pictures to show of it. Here are a few before and after of the girls around the house.

And if you've never been in a house with seven children under the age of six, you've never really been frazzled. I can't wait until next year when Riley and Sully really join the party...and Rowie starts in too.

Here are a couple photos from our house!

Merry Christmas from Maya and Rowan!!