Friday, November 6, 2009

The Night of One Happy Kitty

Maya ready to go at Aunt B's house.Maya and "bucket" deciding where to go- and making it hard for mommy to talk good photos (she never stops moving!)
This is the only good one I got of her tail.
Maya and her lolly.

She had been wearing her kitty ears for weeks, carrying around bucket for weeks (still wears the ears, still carries the bucket), and so of course she was excited to walk up to strangers houses, knock on the door and give them candy! Yes, she gave them candy. But they always gave it back. Not knowing what candy is (except for the occasional m&m), Maya played with it (in and out of bucket, sorting, etc.) for days until...

A couple days later, daddy gave her part of a kit kat. The next morning she walks up to me holding two reese's cups and a kit kat and says, ""