Friday, January 30, 2009


Maya is a little perplexed by this little baby she sees in the metal plate in the bathtub. She likes to point at it and try to touch that little baby...
Here she sees Daddy peeking into the bathroom and she's all smiles!!

Here is Daddy feeding Maya at the HPB Christmas Party at Granite City, Daddy is not all smiles. Daddy only makes funny faces whenever I try to take his picture.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

8 Mumphs

Maya is 8 Mumphs old! It's crazy we've got this talkative little wiggle butt who was just a little peanut 8 whole mumphs ago. She's gotta be close to 20 pounds of pure wiggle now.

(Maya watching Barack on Inauguration Day)

Maya is in love with jumping. Either in her jumperoo or in our arms she enjoys bouncing and jumping. She has suddenly become a good sleeper and eater in the last week, six whole hours without waking up?? This behavior scares mommy who has to check Maya at least once in that six hours. But it's nice to not get up and make four bottles a night. I don't know maybe all that jumping wears her out and she sleeps soundly.

She says "kitty" but it's always this excited little whisper (she also squeals when she sees one in her books or if she goes to see Wylie), she says Dadda or Daddy when she sees her Daddy, and a few times she's said, "bahbah" and waved bye bye.

She is just the bees knees.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Maya has been stuck in the house for days. With negative this and that temperatures, we feel a little shy about taking her out of the house. In fact a few nights ago we went grocery shopping, took her out, and couldn't get the car doors open. I brought her back inside while Daddy figured out how to get the doors open. She loves the grocery store, or Target, or any place where if you get the cart close enough to what's for sale, she'll grab it.

Maya's been sleeping well this week, eating not so well, and trying to crawl. She's figured out how to scoot a little ways backwards. She is a burst of energy constantly bouncing either in her jumperoo or in our arms. And she's been super talkative it's "Daddeeeee!" this or "Kitteee!" that mixed in with baby babble.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Lately Maya's been super attached to Daddy. She still loves Mommy, and gets really excited when Mommy comes thru the door for lunch or after work, but she really really loves Daddy.

And Daddy gets a little tired of it. Maya constantly wants Daddy to pick her up and play with her causing Daddy to moan, "Can't I get a a break?"

Mommy says, "It's hard work being somebody's favorite."

Maya is constantly moving, grabbing, eating, and grabbing some more. She wants everything right now! She spent half an hour bouncing in her jumperoo before starting to whine (but continuing to jump). She likes to lay down in the bubble and talk, we think she likes the way she sounds underwater.
She's been eating and eating and eating lately, solid foods and lots of milkie. Here is a picture of her awesome tummy to prove it. I love this tummy, it's just adorable.

It's been hard for me to get good pictures of her lately. She sees the camera and squints her eyes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Maya at seven months old is a chatter box. She wakes up chipper and talkative, and goes to bed cranky and tired. So, we must be doing something right.

She's eating more and more which is good, I'm hoping that by her 9 month check up that she breaks the 6oth percentile this time. That way her gigantic length and gigantic head will match her big round tummy.

She sits up in the bubble now, cause she's really good at sitting up. She loves kitties and doggies and little kids.

Still only two teeth.
I sense crawling is coming soon.